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Fall Foliage Panorama 2016

Fall Foliage across Marsh Field at Sugar Mountain Farm Click for Big Picture The trees are at peak colors in the central mountains of Vermont near Montpelier as shown by the view I see each day. Spectacular!

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Last Snow Storm of Winter

Late April Snow Storm We got six inches of snow on April 26th. This isn’t the latest snowfall we’ve ever had and we can’t really count on gardening weather with no chance of frost until… maybe August. But I am … Continue reading

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Off the Charts at -90°F and Colder than Hell

We fell off the wind chill chart… Someone wrote me asking about the temperatures last night here in Vermont. It was -34.2°F on Sugar Mountain. The 70 mph winds were the real killer giving a windchill of about -90°F. This … Continue reading

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Skin & Bones – Eating the Rest of the Pig

Skin & Bones – The Rest of the Pig There is more to the pig than just the classic cuts of pork chops, hams, bacon and ribs. There are also good eating in the oddments such as skin which can … Continue reading

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