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How to Change

Easter Bunny Meets Hot Chocolate Today we started with about 4″ of heavy snowball snow on the ground and by afternoon it was 99% gone. Time for spring.

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Simple Things

Automatic Door Holder Sometimes the simple things can make a big difference. Farming involves a lot of innovation to make things work. Often these things are stimulated by challenges. Little tricks accumulate over time to create the culture that is … Continue reading

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Passed by a House

House passing Us on Highway We are a safe driver. We drive so slowly (the speed limit) that we got passed by not just one but three houses while returning up I-91 last week.

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Shipping Rocks

Box of Rocks They are in the process of moving Vermont to Florida in order to prevent the sunshine state from sinking into the sea. Frankly, that seems like a lot of work but at least we’re not shipping ice … Continue reading

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