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The Size of It

Groton Lake, Boulder Beach Click for Big Picture There is an old joke that men are bad at math, or perhaps they think women are bad at math and gullible, because those men keep telling women that 4″ is 6″.

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Oh, The Gall!

Gall on Spruce Tree Galls appear to be contagious as I see them in pockets of forest. These are also called burlwood and used to make fancy furniture and bowls.

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Money Laundering

Washing Money I did this by accident and then realized it’s a great way to make sure your money is clean in these uncertain times…

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Eating Online – Remote Parties

Coronavirus, COVID-19 and Social Distancing has halted restaurants and many small businesses. It has also meant a total drop in roaster pig and porchetta roast sales for us as people are not having large gathering dinners, weddings, graduations and other in-person parties. Continue reading

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