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Oh, The Gall!

Gall on Spruce Tree Galls appear to be contagious as I see them in pockets of forest. These are also called burlwood and used to make fancy furniture and bowls.

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Money Laundering

Washing Money I did this by accident and then realized it’s a great way to make sure your money is clean in these uncertain times…

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Eating Online – Remote Parties

Coronavirus, COVID-19 and Social Distancing has halted restaurants and many small businesses. It has also meant a total drop in roaster pig and porchetta roast sales for us as people are not having large gathering dinners, weddings, graduations and other in-person parties. Continue reading

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Revealing Twists

I was asked to share this joke somewhere else. If you were there, I kind of gave it away before the joke so forget what I said to begin with… For those who didn’t hear it that will be easy. … Continue reading

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