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Blue Sky Ice Trees in Setting Sun

Sunsetting over Sugar Mountain Bear Ridge Plateau through Iced Trees As I was plowing the driveway for the whey truck the sun was setting over the mountain lighting up the crystal trees coated in ice.

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Window Frosting

Frost on the Pane This is frost on our front door. It’s supposed to be a really well insulated door and glazing with argon but I’m not impressed with the commercial varieties. They frost up all too easily when it … Continue reading

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Off the Charts at -90°F and Colder than Hell

We fell off the wind chill chart… Someone wrote me asking about the temperatures last night here in Vermont. It was -34.2°F on Sugar Mountain. The 70 mph winds were the real killer giving a windchill of about -90°F. This … Continue reading

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Van on a Pillar of Ice

Van up on Ice Pillar Our snow is almost, finally, gone. Some years it’s a little earlier. Some years later. Soon the fields will be green.

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