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Winter Paddocks

Winter Garden Paddock During the warm months from spring through late fall our pigs graze out on our pastures across the mountain side. We have about 70 acres of pasture which we use in a grand rotation of about 40 … Continue reading

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Field Bed and Natural Terracing

Pigs in South Field Copse The pigs in the south field herd have a large nesting area on the sunny side of a copse of trees in the upper paddock which they’re using as a winter paddock this year. Behind … Continue reading

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Pure Wood Chip Composting

Wood Chip Compost Heating Up While we were working on putting up ribs on the greenhouse in the south field I noticed a black hole. Then another. And another…

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Deep Pack Bedding Temperature

A Balmy 79°F For winter paddocks we build deep bedding packs of wood chips† and hay. In the picture above a grower pig is checking my checking of the long probe checking the temperature of the bedding pack where she … Continue reading

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