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New Gosling

Gander, Goose & Gosling Usually the geese have three or four offspring a year but this time it was just one fluffy cuteness and very vocal.

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Fowl Shot

Three Fowl Friends Three ducks – assuming majority rules. Or maybe this is a trans-speces gander who identifies as a drake – a male duck. The geese run in pairs and this gander didn’t end up with a goose mate … Continue reading

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Kermit and the Ganders

Geese in a Cage We have geese. People often ask, what are the geese for? Do we use them for guarding? Do we sell goose for Christmas?

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Goose & Gander Gander Gander

Goosie Goosie Gooise and Gander Gander Gander We have nine geese, goosies and ganders combined, and now we have nine goslings as well making a total of eighteen.

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