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South Field Greenhouse Ark

South Field Greenhouse Ark The Ark is a much emptier place now in the summer. It’s a temperate, shaded space of about 38’x96′ with the lovely deep bedding pack of wood chips but I only occasionally find pigs in it. … Continue reading

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Doubly Delicious Raspberry

Double Berry Delicious We have a lot of raspberry bushes. They thrive in our soil and climate. There are several varieties. This year I noticed we have some that are double berries.

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Grape Leaf

Wild Grape Leaf I’ve not been very successful with modern commercial grape varieties that I’ve tried here at our home but the wild grapes do well. Well at growing at least. They don’t produce a lot of grapes and what … Continue reading

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Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace Daucus Carota or wild carrot. The flowers on my carrots left over from last year look very similar.

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