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Cottage Door Ice Wall

Morning Light on Cottage Door Ice Wall I’ve been encouraging this huge icicle to grow next to our door. It’s like growing beans but upside down. The weather conditions have been just right. It gives me ideas.

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I Like Fire

Fire in a Box I like wood fires because… It is a technology where I can build my own efficient stove. I can do this with metal, with scrap, or even just with local stone. There is no electricity, electronics … Continue reading

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Burn Zone

In the Burn Zone We heat with wood. That is our source of heat all winter. Because our cottage is so small and so thermally massive it takes only about three quarters of a cord of wood to keep it … Continue reading

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Wackity Wackity Wood

Splitting Circle Ben, shown above, Will and I have been splitting winter wood. With such a small heat efficient cottage we burn very little wood per winter so the task of getting wood in for the year is pretty minor … Continue reading

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