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Year Old Porchetta

Year Old Porchetta Pork Roast I found a porchetta pork roast which had dropped to the bottom of one of the freezers down in the salt pork box. We cooked it up and it was delicious.

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Of Mussels and Menus

Mussel Muscles After a discussion of muscles I cooked up two pounds of mussels to make a mussel, white sauce and fettuccine dinner for Saturday. They’re now chilling in the fridge.

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Apple Jack Rippers

Apple Jack Rippers a.k.a. Individualized Apple Crisp Apple crips is a family favorite. This has been a very good year for apples so we’ve gotten to have a lot of apple crisp. Usually we make it in a flat glass … Continue reading

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Back to the Future Again

Hot Italian Sausage, Pesto & Linguini with Leeks & Zucchini Pesto, leeks and zucchini from our gardens. Hot Italian sausage we made in our new butcher shop from our pigs that graze on our pastures. Mint tea growing wild on … Continue reading

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