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How To Undent an Egg

Hope using Magic to Undent a Chicken Egg Occasionally we get a broken egg when collecting from our hens so this little trick is very handy.

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Spring Piglets

Spring Piglets with Chickens Piglets are popping. These little guys were born in the south field shed which is an open three sided shed wrapped around a courtyard. They have a deep bedding pack which gives them warmth from below … Continue reading

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Auto Pig Sorter

Auto Pig Sorter Seen from Approach Perspective Although we have multiple herd groups, for ease of management, water access, whey feeding and such we like to keep the pigs in large groups than smaller where possible. In the warm months … Continue reading

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Snow Eaters

Pigs Eating Snow When you see livestock eating snow it means you should check your waterers. They can do fine eating snow, as research has shown, however it takes more calories to convert the frozen snow to liquid water in … Continue reading

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