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December’s Chicken

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Hen with Solo Chick One of our Americana hens has a chick that looks just like her. Since we have roosters of several breeds this is not generally a given. She had hatched three chicks in early December but only … Continue reading

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Foot Soak

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Hot Tubbing Rooster I’ve mentioned before that we like to hot tub our livestock as an alternative to medications.[1,2] Hot water is very curative. This works on the same principle as a fever but is localized to the infection site. … Continue reading

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Peep Peep New Chicks

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Rhode Island Red Hen with Nine Chicks In addition to sounds of piglets and nine goslings we also have two new clutches of chicks from our hens. The Rhode Island Red hen above has none. There were actually two hens … Continue reading

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How To Undent an Egg

Hope using Magic to Undent a Chicken Egg Occasionally we get a broken egg when collecting from our hens so this little trick is very handy.

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