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I am not currently taking orders for cut meat. With the pandemic and everything I am taking this year to do upgrades on the butcher shop and farm. I have a lot of smoked bacon, smoked hams, smoked ham steaks, smoked trotters, smoked hocks and smoked jowel (similar to bacon).

We deliver weekly to stores, restaurants and individuals throughout Vermont. For small amounts of retail pork cuts see the retail outlets who carry our meat in local stores and restaurants.

For larger orders of cuts, Farmer’s Baskets, High-on-the-Hog quarter pigs, half pigs and whole pigs check out our Order Form and Cut Sheet for a list of cuts the we do standard on the Literature Page. Pick up is available at the farm gate by appointment and delivery is available along our regular weekly route.

“I just wanted to compliment you on your most delicious hot dogs. I haven’t eaten hot dogs for over 4 years since I saw “how things are made.” Up until then I had tried not to think about how they are made and whats in them besides, maybe, meat. Yours are wonderful. My husband is deliriously happy with the flavor and texture.” -Connie W. of Maine

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  1. lori says:

    Hi, I live in the NEK but would like to purchhase your products and can;t find them. Can I buy them online? Thanks

    • Hi Lori, The stores who carry our pork that are closest to the North East Kingdom in Vermont are the Buffalo Mountain Coop in Hardwick. Another option would be buying a quarter, half or whole pig and picking up here at the farm. See the order for on the literature page for details.

  2. diane lehouiller says:

    I am considering buying a whole pig in the Fall. Would you have a pig then or have you sold out? I looked at your site and saw that hanging weight for a whole pig is about 180# and costs $630 and $190 for processing. That does not include curing the hams and bacon. I would have that done myself, correct?

    I really like your set up. I have raised my own pigs but only have a 70′ by 40′ pen and have to feed them grain…I’d like pasture raised.

    Thank you for time,

    • Hi Diane,

      Yes, if you order now we can have a pig ready for you by late summer or fall, which ever you like. Just mail a non-refundable deposit of $100 with a note of your order.

      The butcher that we’re working with (Adams Farm has started doing smoked hams and bacon so those are available too;. When I set the $190 processing price it was before they did the smoking so I would have to look at what the added cost would be.

      They cure with minimal nitrates/nitrites. See down at the bottom where I talk about what I’ve found on the topic of nitrates/nitrites and read about bacon too. If you would like to get no-nitrate bacon or hams you can brine it yourself like in this article about how to brine a hame. Doing bacon is similar.

  3. Raya says:

    Are there any pigs left for the year? I’m interested in purchasing a half side if there are any left. Would I be able to pickup the side from one of your delivery routes? I’m located in Boston, so it looks like the closest delivery spot would be around Burlington. Is this correct?


    • Hi Raya,

      Yes, we pretty much always have pigs because we breed and farrow them year round. Are you looking for the side to be cut up and packaged who will you do your own cutting?

      In 2011 pricing is $3.50/lb based on hanging weight plus $28 for slaughter. A side is typically about 80 to 90 lbs. Butchering (cut and vacuum packaged) is $78. Note that there is a significant price drop when buying a whole pig instead of a half pig so if you have a friend who can go in with you that can make for a big savings. See the bottom of the first page of the Order Form on the literature page at:

      For someone coming from Boston we usually meet them at either White River Junction or Exit-1 of I-91 in Brattleboro. Burlington is another option if you like. See the delivery route at:

      Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. Jason Clark says:

    I am looking for a crown roast of pork about 15 +-ribs for the beginning of next week. Do you have any available and if so what is the price?

    Thank you,

    Jason Clark

    • I’m sorry but the timing is too tight. Our normal butcher cycle is two weeks. We take pigs to butcher weekly but must get orders ahead and submit a cut sheet to the butcher. Pickup then happens the following week. If you can give us two weeks notice in the future we can usually accommodate your order. For pricing, see the order form on the Lit page. The butcher won’t do crowning but that is easy for your to do from a loin rip roast chine-off.

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