Knuckle Bone Dice

Roll them bones! Knuckle bones were the dice and jacks of ancient times around the world. Great fun and unique conversation pieces. Actually dice will likely vary from picture and we have many other types as shown below. All are from pigs trotters, that is to say feet. We recover these from boiling the feet such as to make soup or stew and then we do several extra boilings to clean and rinse the bones before heating them in the oven for several hours at 300°F and then 350°F to dry them.

Knuckle Bones just out of the Oven

Knuckle bones vary in type and size. They are filled with fascinating texture, shape and colors. In addition to being fun for authentic old time games some adults enjoy them as exotic worry stones or knick-knacks for stress relief breaks at their desk.

Knuckle Bones Types by Letter

Knuckle bones vary in type and size. The photo at the top shows D and E. There are also larger, smaller and long bones from the trotters. Different kinds of bones might be used for different games or fortune telling. You can mix and match your own set by specifying by letter which bone types you would like. The ruler is measured in inches and gives an idea of the rough sizes of the various types. If you have a preference for larger vs smaller bones just let us know when you order.

Sold in five bone sets:
Grab Bag $10 set – Pseudo-Random mix of A, B, C, D, E, F
Single Type $12 set – Specify letter type
Mix and Match $14 set – Specify five letter types

Shipping is $6 in the USA. Get several sets for that single shipping charge, combine with a shirt, meat order, etc to save on shipping. Free shipping on orders of five or more sets all shipped to the same address in the USA. Gift wrapping and shipping to multiple addresses available for $2 extra per set. International shipping is possible provided there is no import ban.

Warning: Knuckle dice are small, hard and not suitable for use by small children who might put them in their mouth and choke on them. Children should only play with the knuckle dice under adult supervision. Some adults may also require supervision. Small Parts. Not suitable for children under three years of age. These are natural objects and not sterile. Caution: Gambling and game play are addictive and fun.

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Actual size, color and shapes will vary.

4 Responses to Knuckle Bone Dice

  1. Kelly crespin says:

    I am hoping to order knuckle bones used as dice. In your photo you indicate letters D and E as dice. Was one size more commonly used as dice vs the other? Thanks.

    • Kelly, I’m not an expert on antique gaming, gambling or fortune telling but I have read of the various shapes being used for these. Just let me know your preferences and I’ll pick some nice ones for you.

  2. Tim says:

    In the first paragraph, 5th sentence. I assume “We recover these from boiling the feed..” should be “feet”. I remember eggs are boiled to make nutrients available for little pigs, but context indicates this is feet and not feed.

    Comment need not be posted.

  3. Justin says:

    J Hampshire from Permies here! Just gallivanting around your site and noticed this. As a practitioner of bone saving I wanted to perhaps impart some info you may have been previously unaware of. From my practices and readings, boiling the bones is actually detrimental to it’s longevity. The fat is essentially forced into the pores, thus starting a ticking time bomb of eventual decay. I have personally found that a 2-3 day low steep/barely steaming/no bubbles works a treat. From there, a day or two soak in hydrogen peroxide makes for an absolutely pristine, medical-white appearance. Much more appealing from an aesthetic point of view as it removes the “rawness” of the yellow and brown. Of course, this is one man’s opinion. You’re doing such wonderful things, Walter. So glad to have discovered you and your family farm. Be well and God Bless!

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