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I am not currently taking orders for cut meat. With the pandemic and everything I am taking this year to do upgrades on the butcher shop and farm. I have a lot of smoked bacon, smoked hams, smoked ham steaks, smoked trotters, smoked hocks and smoked jowel (similar to bacon).

We deliver fresh pork, sausage, ham, bacon and hot dogs on a weekly route to area stores and restaurants. Those tend to be the best places to get small quantities of our pork since our farm is fairly out of the way, over the mountains, through the woods and off on a long, steep dirt road.

We also sell direct to consumers both through our whole and half pig CSAs as well as retail cuts at the farm gate. Retail is at the gate by appointment only or delivered along our route. We do not have a farm store, farm stand or display case for you to browse. Visits must be scheduled in advance because we are typically out working in the fields and forests. There is a minimum direct retail purchase of $100.

Almost all of every week’s regular pig deliveries sell out there is not a large inventory in the freezer and it changes regularly. We keep most of our stock on the hoof in the fields grazing.

Currently in the Freezer: Subject to revision – Weights approximate
10 Smoked Ham Steaks
0 Sliced Bacon
8 Bacon Ends
8 Smoked Trotters
8 Smoked Hocks
6 Smoked Jowl sliced

3 Breakfast sausage
0 Ham Cubes
25 Sweet Italian Sausage (2 links, 1/2 lb total per package)
25 Hot Italian Sausage (2 links, 1/2 lb total per package)
0 Fresh Kielbasa (linked)
2 Boston Butt Steak
4 Baby Back Ribs
20 Spare Ribs
8 Fresh Trotters
2 Fresh Belly 1 lb
0 Fresh Belly 2 lb
2 Fresh Belly Whole (approx 7 lb)
1 Fresh Jowl
20 Back Fat pkgs (skin on) ~1 lb each
Soup bones – shank – roast and soup
Big bags of Bones – neck, etc – great for soup stock – ~10 to 20 lbs each
3 Leaf Lard
1 Head split (two halves)
Oddments – liver, kidney, heart, tongue, ears, snout, tail

Low-on-the-hog portions and oddments such as heart, liver, tongue, back fat, trotters (feet) and soup bones are often available.

High-on-the-hog cuts are rarely available in the freezer and almost never in quantity.

For prices see the order form. We can typically accommodate special orders with a lead time of about one month to get into the butcher’s cutting schedule.

For roaster pigs see the Roasters page in the Products menu for a list of available suckling and roaster pigs in the freezer.

For the budget conscious and create cook, consider our Farmer’s Basket. Eat like a farmer and help to use the pig nose-to-tail. In turn you get a big break on the price.

We normally pickup meat from the butcher and do deliveries on Wednesdays, occasionally on Thursdays. Delivery is available along our delivery route delivery route.

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  1. selena kemp says:

    Do you have any mountain osyters available. How much would a case cost. How many would be in a case.

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