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Four Generations of Blackie

Three Generations From one of our top sows we had three generations farrowing all at once recently. Blackie, her daughter Oreo with the white nose and granddaughter Double-Stuff with the black nose produced a fourth generation all within a three … Continue reading

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Winter Farrowing Question

Boar Pig Gathering Hay for Nest – Unusual Male Domesticity JRC asked: We have two gilts that will farrow within the coming week. We are planning for them to farrow in the eight by eight three sided metal sided shed … Continue reading

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Yellow Flower

A Spot of Color – Click for the Big Picture The color seems to be draining out of the world as we move into late fall towards winter. Greys and dull browns are dominating the view in the few remaining … Continue reading

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Moving Pigs

Moving Sow & Piglets Someone asked about how to move pigs around the farm. I’ve written about this several times but they’re scattered in different articles so here’s a list of ways to move pigs:

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