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Butcher Shop July Temps

Butcher Shop Staying Cool in July’s Hot Sun Without any mechanical refrigeration the butcher shop stays cool in the summer and without any heating it stays warm in the winter. This is due to the extreme insulation (R30 to R120), … Continue reading

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Hot Water Heaters Plumbed

Heat Pump Hot Water Plumbed Yesterday I finished plumbing the hot water heaters for the butcher shop. There are actually three. One of them is a highly efficient electric heat pump that takes heat out of the air and puts … Continue reading

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Front Scaffolds Down

Butcher Shop Front – Scaffold Down Ben, who is now 18, built nearly all of the scaffolding on the butcher shop project. His work kept us safe when we were 25′ up in the air as we poured the walls … Continue reading

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Blue Sky on Snow Cover

Blue Sky on Snow Covered Butcher Shop The winter weather has broken. Temperatures above zero, mostly, predicted for the future until next winter. Blue skies.

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