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Winter Fence Line

Winter Fence Line – Hanno returning from checking pig. Snow makes fencing more complicated and simpler at the same time.

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Winter Sows

Sows in Winter Garden During the warm months our pigs graze on about 40 acres of pasture using managed rotational grazing techniques that we originally learned with our sheep. This produces most of their food from the land, distributes manure … Continue reading

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A Mess of Winter Piglets

Tamborine and Eight Piglets Last night this sow in our Tamworth line had eight piglets down in the south field shed. She’s giving me the eye, wondering if I’m going to disturb her. There is no need. She farrowed fine … Continue reading

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Winter Piglets

Winter Piglets with Pretty Girl Sow These are not all her piglets and some of her piglets are on other sows. Rather some of the 23 piglets belonging to three sows in the lower garden which is one of our … Continue reading

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