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Upper Pond Mud Ridges

Ridges in Mud Here’s a little puzzler. What is causing those ridges? This is a photo of the upper pond. If you need them, here are two hints. Hover your cursor over the Hints to see them if you need … Continue reading

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Sunset Upper Pond

Upper Pond at Sunset in the East Outdoors: 75°F/55°F Sunny Tiny Cottage: 74°F/70°F Daily Spark: “Be excellent to each other.” -Keanu Reeves

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Blue Heron at Upper Pond

Great Blue Heron LandingI swear I saw a pterodactyl. That’s what the Great Blue Heron reminds me of with it’s majestic flight. Soaring they’re gorgeous. Landing they’re awkward. We’ve been seeing a lot of this one recently. Above it is … Continue reading

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Upper Pond Sunrise Moon

September was drier than usual and the upper pond was quite low by the end of the month. October’s rains have replenished it, and all the ponds. The purpose of the upper pond is to be a reserver so it … Continue reading

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