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Vaccination Cradle

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Ben with Vaccination Cradle I’m a strong proponent of vaccinations. I get vaccinated, my kids get vaccinated, my dogs get vaccinated and my livestock get vaccinated Vaccines are powerful preventative medicine. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention … Continue reading

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Halloween 2015

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Halloween 2015 in Montpelier, VT This year the Barre merchants decided to hold Halloween on Friday, October 30th, instead of the real Halloween date so a lot of people missed the traditional parade in Barre. I learned later from the … Continue reading

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License to Cut

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Sugar Mountain Farm Butcher Shop License In this morning’s mail I received our meat processing license from the Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets division. We are now able to officially begin butchering under Vermont state inspection!

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Sorting & Driving Pigs

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Ben and Will Driving Pigs Each week we call pigs down from the mountain pastures to sort, select, redistribute and take to market. I use my magic wand, waving it above the herd and then spray paint their backs with … Continue reading

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