Fireworks over Lake Champlain 2021

Fire works over Lake Champlain
Burlington, Vermont
July 3rd, 2021 9:30pm

Frisbee, long evening walk, cotton candy, fried dough, fireworks, visited family and fun. This is the first time I have been up to the Independence Day celebration in Burlington. Usually I go to the closer ones at neighbors or nearby towns like Montpelier. Good times.

Outdoors: 56°F/66°F Overcast, Heavy Rain on the mountain but not Burlington
Tiny Cottage: 62°F/63°F

Daily Spark: A Mile is shorter than a Kilometer although the distance is greater.

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Black Berkshire Breeder Boar For Sale

Black Boar on White Snow
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I have a (mostly) Berkshire breeder boar who is about two years old that I will be done with in July. I got him to inject new Berkshire genetics into some of my herd. (No pun intended.)
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The Size of It

Groton Lake, Boulder Beach
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There is an old joke that men are bad at math, or perhaps they think women are bad at math and gullible, because those men keep telling women that 4″ is 6″.
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Green, Green Everywhere

A Green World – Quite the contrast from a few months ago. Amazing.
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I love taking panoramas around the seasons. The pans are a wide view that shows the world somewhat closer to how we really see it rather than the narrow frame of most pictures. I used to have to stitch my panoramas together by hand, and you can see the scars in the photos of old pans. Now I take them far more easily with my iPhone simply by spinning in place. This is one of the great advances in photography as it does a better job and so fast.
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