I am not currently taking reserves for cut meat. With the pandemic and everything I am taking this year to do upgrades on the butcher shop and farm. I have a lot of smoked bacon, smoked hams, smoked ham steaks, smoked trotters, smoked hocks and smoked jowel (similar to bacon).

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Ask for Sugar Mountain Farm Pastured Pork, hot dogs, sausage and kielbasa at local stores where you can purchase by the cut rather than having to buy a whole or half pig at a time. If the store does not have the cut you would like, make a special request such as for lard, back fat, liver, kidneys, tongue and all the other great low on the hog portions.

Barre Morse Block Deli
Cornerstone Pub & Kitchen
Berlin George’s Dawg House in the Mall
Bethal Cock-a-doodle Pizza
Burlington City Market / Onion River Coop
South Burlington City Market South
Cabot Cabot Village Store
Sarah’s Diner
Hardwick Buffalo Mountain Coop
Jericho Jericho Market Mountain Coop
Johnston Sterling Market
Lyme, NH Lyme Country Store
Montpelier Uncommon Market
Hunger Mountain Coop
Norwich Dan & Whit’s General Store
Plainfield Plainfield Coop
Plainfield Hardware
Plainfield Positive Pie
Babbette’s Table Coop
Randolph Chef’s Market
Richmond Richmond Market
St. Johnsbury House of Pizza
Shelburne Shelburne Market
South Royalton South Royalton Coop Market
Stowe Commodities Natural Market
Waitsfield Worthy Burger
Waterbury Village Market
White River Junction Upper Valley Food Coop
Winooski Commodity Natural Market

* Some additional stores and restaurants carry Sugar Mountain Farm products occasionally or by request – ask for Sugar Mountain Farm pastured pork, hot dots, kielbasa and sausages at your favorite stores & restaurants.

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  1. Would like info on getting your products for our cafe in Glover. It doesn’t seem like you get this far up I-91 yet but I do see you go to Buffalo Mountain in Hardwick.

    Chris @ Runaway Café

    • We don’t go up as far as Glover at this time but you could meet us in Hardwick to pickup your order when we’re delivering to Buffalo Mountain Coop. We generally go there about once a month.

      Weekly we take pigs to butcher and deliver to stores. Loin and shoulder tends to be extremely limited availability as there are stores and restaurants already buying all of it each week but if you order far enough ahead we can do something on those. Sausages (Hot, Sweet, Sage) are available most of the time. If you get creative with the low on the hog cuts then there is more availability. As we get our own on-farm butcher shop (see link below) up this will improve as we’ll have more slaughter and butchering capacity.

  2. Benito Punzalan says:

    I would like to buy baby pig for cookinf 4 to 6 weeks old. do yopu sell the or do you know where I can buy them. we here in southern california san fernando valley. Thank you for your help

    • Yes, oven roaster pigs are available and we can ship. See the Roaster page for detail. You can email me with the target weight range. Sometimes there are some available in the freezer in which case exact weights are known ahead of time. Otherwise I’m picking them out of the field so the weight will vary somewhat.

  3. Valerie Hebert says:

    Is White River the farthest south you come? I would love sausage or ground meat and leaf lard (I make soap). I am in Putney.

    • The Upper Valley Food Coop in WRJ carries our meat. You would need to special order the fat. We do direct deliveries to individuals down as far as Brattleboro on I-91 and upas far as Burlington on I-89 each week. You could meet us at any of the exits.

      Do you need leaf or does back fat work for you?

      Let us know what you need and we can figure out timing. Typically it is Wednesday or Thursday for the southern route and then Friday, Saturday or Sunday for our northern route.

      • Valerie Hebert wrote:

        Thank you- Leaf lard is what is specified in the soap recipes. How does the back fat differ in hardness, generally? They might be interchangeable.

        Leaf has a slightly higher melt point. The leaf fat is more expensive ($6.18/lb) and than back fat ($1.30/lb) and leaf fat is not as available since there are only one to two pounds on a pig while there is more back fat.

        How much do you need per batch?

        You might want to try both to see if the leaf is need or if the back will work.

        Usually the delivery day down in that area is Wednesdays. Once in a while it is Thursdays – maybe 3x per year. We pass by I-91 exit 5 twice, once early in the morning and once late in the afternoon or early evening so that gives two opportunities to connect.

        I’ve CCed Holly as she is the one who generally does the deliveries.


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