I am not currently taking reserves for cut meat. With the pandemic and everything I am taking this year to do upgrades on the butcher shop and farm. I have a lot of smoked bacon, smoked hams, smoked ham steaks, smoked trotters, smoked hocks and smoked jowel (similar to bacon).

Look for the Sugar Mountain Farm label
Ask for Sugar Mountain Farm Pastured Pork, hot dogs, sausage and kielbasa at local stores & restaurants. You can get our high quality locally produced Naturally Grown pastured pork cooked by some of the finest chefs at these locations and buy individual cuts at fine area stores who carry Sugar Mountain Farm pastured pork.

In addition to purchasing through local stores and restaurants you can buy our wholesome all natural pastured pork directly. See the Product menu above, the In-the-Freezer page for what is in the freezer and check out our Order Form and Cut Sheet for a list of cuts the we do standard on the Literature Page for pricing and details. Pickup is available at the farm gate for large orders as well as delivery along our regular weekly route. For small orders we recommend buying at local stores that carry our products in order to save gas.

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We deliver weekly to the following counties in Vermont:

  • Caledonia
  • Chittenden
  • Washington
  • Orange
  • Windsor
  • Windham

The delivery route in Vermont shown in pink on the map is where deliveries are available for both pigs, piglets and pork. Deliveries of pork are available in NH along the Connecticut River Valley such as Hanover and Lebanon. Delivery is not available in Massachusetts due to business license requirements in that state but we can meet you off of I-91’s Exit-1 Brattleboro, VT and near the junction of I-89 and I-91 in White River Junction, VT.

Vermont Fresh Network,
Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT)
Rural Vermont
The Vermont Grass Farmers’ Association,
Vital Communities,
and a farm.

Vermont Dept of Ag Wholesale & Retail Licenses
USDA Inspected slaughter & processing

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  1. Kate Gridley says:

    Your project is wonderful. Congratulations and good luck with Kick Start — I hope it works. My son who is about to graduate from college worked with pigs all last summer on a farm in Italy where they make amazing charcuterie. He wants to become a butcher, and would like to train back home in Vermont. He has already had conversations with butchers and abbatoir owners, all the while finishing his degree, but nothing has landed yet — so I am sending him your link and wonder if you might have any advice for him. He is particularly interested in pork, and in treating animals humanely — in how they are raised and then handled in slaughter — and would like to learn the trade well.
    We live in the Middlebruy area, so, alas, no access to your meat products… but perhaps we’ll drive over. Thanks for what you are doing!!

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