My Web site was hacked. I had to turn off PHP which in turns disables Wordpress in order to track down the hacker. That is completed and they have been tagged for retrieval. As I have time from farming I am working on restoring the data set from my wordpress blog in a clean account and getting it running again. I may also do another article about composting dead bodies. Until then I will keep the body on ice in my freezer. That was always a favorite topic of readers. You are invited to think of this as being black humor... but Wednesday knows the truth.

I appreciate your patience.

While I have your attention...
After over 30 years of farming and sustainable forestry I am selling a bit over 600 acres of my forest and farm land.
I will continue farming, forestry, building and butchery.
This is an opportunity for new folks to get a piece of the land and peace for the soul.

See the map for details at:

Lots A through I vary in size from 14 acres to about 317 acres and are for sale through the real estate agency:
Leslie Drown Real Estate

Contact me via email for Lease-to-Own in sections J, K & L with owner financing for a limited number of camp & homestead sized lots:
You can see a video about the land with more details here:
Walter's Land on TikTok


Click for high resolution map.