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Tiny Tim

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Tiny Tim and Not Litter Mates Tiny Tim is the piglet pictured in the middle. At five days of age he weighs just one pound. Unlike his namesake he is not crippled, he’s just very, very small.

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Spitz Faced

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Our Berkshire Boar Spitz of the North This is Spitz, our purebred Berkshire boar of our norther herd. He came to us in the winter of 2012. My hope is to add more marbling to our Mainline herd genetics since … Continue reading

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Sentimentality vs Practicality

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Ducks in South Field Lane On the post Big’Un Tusks Jeremy asked: “What makes you decide to use certain dead pigs as food for the dogs? Is it simply the size? Or do certain pigs hold more sentimental value compared … Continue reading

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Front of some of Large Named Tusks (Click to zoom – Press Esc to exit Zoom) No, not the great album or the most excellent song by Fleetwood Mac. What we’re talking here are real ivory tusks – the kind … Continue reading