COVID-19 Vaccinated

Walter’s COVID-19 Vaccination Card

I’m a strong proponent of vaccination. I’m not here to argue that.

But, in the case of the COVID-19 vaccine I feel they went far too fast with the safety testing so I held off, waiting while they field tested the vaccines on hundreds of millions of people. Nothing like getting a statistically significant sample set. I think this may have set the record for test subjects. There are other less polite ways to say that but we’ll stick with that.

I really don’t like seeing something like this rushed to market but it is understandable how so many people wanted it to happen fast. I just wasn’t willing to be a guinea pig and I have the situation of being very isolated so I’m a low risk and can wait.

I also have the issue that I can’t risk getting sick as too many lives depend on my keeping them alive – I farm.

At this point I feel the vaccines are sufficiently tested in the field so in May I got my first shot and then the second this June.

Theoretically I’m covered. They say 95% which is a good rate. However, I intend to continue wearing a mask in crowds. The current vaccines protect against some strains of COVID-19 but there are additional strains out there. A mask is minor inconvenience, like wearing glasses to see better, a hat for protection from the sun and horseflies, etc. There are also social benefits of wearing a mask. And, who would have known that someday the bank and government buildings would require us to put on a mask before entering!

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3 Responses to COVID-19 Vaccinated

  1. Julia says:

    I got my first Moderna January 7th and my second on February 4th. Given that I’m a pediatrician and was seeing lots of new people every day, in small rooms with windows that don’t open I couldn’t wait to get vaccinated. (Relative risk and all that.)

    I felt pretty bad the day after dose #2, joint pains and all over achiness, but it was well managed with aspirin. I went to bed early and the next day I was fine. Both my teens got their second dose 13 days ago, so we are just about ready for full engagement with the world!

    I agree that wearing a mask isn’t a bad idea, when indoors with uncertain risk. I still wear a mask at work all day. The delta variant is more dangerous for young people, and more contagious, but they haven’t worked out how well the current vaccines cover it. I would encourage anyone who lives in an area with a low rate of vaccination to get themselves vaccinated, as the delta variant is coming and it looks like it might be bad news.

  2. Sarah says:

    In the spirit of education, I’ll write this reply. Take it as you will. My husband is a vaccine researcher. This vaccine technology (spike protein delivery) has been around for a decade. It wasn’t utilized to vaccinate on a large scale, or outside of research because of the cold storage requirements. The lack of this knowledge being disseminated to the public was the cause of huge delays in people signing up for vaccination because of “guinea pig” fears. I have never believed that science or the government is out to get us but apparently many people do. Hopefully the more that know that this vaccine delivery system has been a round for ages, the more will get in line—that way it’ll stop mutating in the unvaccinated and this pandemic can end.

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