Longest Run

“Longest Run”
by David Lloyd Sutton

Last month a friend, blog reader/commenter and writer David Lloyd Sutton sent me a copy of his latest book “Longest Run” about recovery in a post-apocalyptic world. In some ways, although it was written ahead COVID-19, it reminds me of today as we try and sort ourselves out of the pandemic. Check it out on Amazon both in paperback and kindle.

The cover shows an excellent picture of is why I don’t live out west or in Alaska anymore. I just don’t like grizzly bears. We have black bears here and they’re much more timid. I prefer being the apex predator and I know my place in the ecosystem. :)

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Daily Spark: The annual death rate from lightning is irrelavant when you are being attacked by a shark.

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2 Responses to Longest Run

  1. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Thank you for the cover shot, Walter. It was taken by Jim Coda, who is spending his time now advocating to protect California’s Tule Elk. He has fabulous wildlife photos in his online offerings.
    I am (PM) seriously curious as to whether you enjoyed the read, and some of the ideas embedded.

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