Polly Wogs

Frog Eggs

We’ve been watching frog eggs hatch. I think these are going to be Northern Leopard Frogs as that is who I saw hanging around close to the eggs.

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Daily Spark: The disadvantage of feeding the dogs is then they’re not going to eat the burglar… They’ll just toy with the pieces. So don’t feed the dog in the evening. Before you feed in the morning check for random shoes with the feet still in them. If you find one then no need to feed the dogs. I found an old boot buried in the field but there was nobody in it.

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  1. Ginny C. says:

    Have been watching polly wogs (tadpoles) hatch ever since I was a child and brought some home from the nearby swamp and they splashed so much water around, my mom was mad because it damaged the finish on her sewing machine cabinet. Now I have my own wetlands and listen for the “peepers” each spring. I go down to the shallow edge and watch each day as the cluster of eggs turn into living creatures that sprout legs and eventually turn into frogs. I just love watching nature do its thing. Thanks for the memories.

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