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Be Cool Tiny Black Bee

This tiny bee landed on the water jug I was using to fill the chick’s waterer. I think it was seeking the droplets of water condensing on the outside of the container. I once counted 17 types of bees.

I have neighbors to the north and too the south who keep Italian honey bees, something I did for 25 years and hope to get back to one of these days.

Outdoors: 80°F/64°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/68°F

Daily Spark: In one of those memes that go around someone asked “Say how old you are without numbers?”

My first computer used FORTRAN on punch cards and also a shared Honeywell on teletype – college course.
Second computer was a KIM with no case.
Third was an original Apple with no case, again.
Fourth was a DEC PDP.
Fifth was an Exidy Sorcerer – first computer I owned outright.
My first car was a Toyota Corolla had no computer in it and I was able to take it entirely apart over the weekend and put it back together without any special tools.
My first email connected through ARPAnet.
Second email address was on Compuserve.
I remember watching JFK‘s funeral on a fuzzy B&W TV.
And no, I do not use any of these for security questions… Beware of survey memes… :)

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3 Responses to Paul N. Ator

  1. Marsha says:

    Hi Walter,

    I’m probably older than you – I was in my last year of grade school (the year before entering High School) when the Beatles were first on the Ed Sullivan Show. During my senior year in university, I used a slide rule in Physics class. In the computer center there were Wang calculators connected up to the mainframe. Someone tried to steal one once so they could do such calculations at home, only to be disappointed when they got it there! I wrote my Masters Thesis by hand, passed it back and forth to my research advisor who drew circles and arrows all over it to insert or correct text and the final version was typed up on a typewriter. I didn’t see my first PC (an Apple II without mouse) until during my doctoral studies. While I could not completely rebuild my first car – a VW Bug – I could rebuild the carburetor, replace belts, and change and time the spark plugs myself. It had no seat belts and those cute triangular, swinging windows in the front. :o)

    I’m enjoying reading your mails once again! Have a nice day there at the Tiny Cottage!

    • You’re a little older. I taught myself to type as a child because handwriting was so painful for me. I found an old black cast iron manual typewriter in the town dump, fixed it and was able to type far faster on that than I could write by hand. This was back in the age when town dumps were open and picking was allowed. That is also how I taught myself about electronics and mechanical stuff, fixing things and selling them. It is amazing the amount of time that simply taking something apart and putting it back together cleaned would fix it and most of the rest of the time small repairs did the trick or combining parts from different things. Electronics were a lot simpler then but even today this holds true to some degree. Your VW is the classic example of the easy to repair machine, designed for that is my understanding.

  2. Marsha says:

    Yea, Volkswagen – car for the people – affordable and easy to fix! I wouldn’t even know where to find the carburetor under the hood of today’s cars!

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