Piglets on the Ground

Piglets on the Ground

This past winter with the pandemic and all I didn’t breed for winter piglets. The pastures are green now and the sows are farrowing spring piglets which are far easier to manage.

Outdoors: 76°F/62°F Rain & Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 62°F/66°F

Daily Spark: When making traditional pumpkin pie for Halloween how long should you preheat the microwave oven?

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4 Responses to Piglets on the Ground

  1. Terry Byrne says:

    One would think that with Covid, folks would be buying your pork more than ever, Walter. What month are winter piglets born?

    • Roughly 88% of my sales were wholesale, many to restaurants. Virtually ll of that vanished. It got to be that it was below the threshold where I covered costs such that I was losing money every week even though there was a small uptick in retail sales. I do not have a store front. Couple that with my getting sick, the sabotaging of my fences and other things that happened and it was too much to continue butchering at this time. So now I am focused on making some infrastructure improvements during this downtime so that I can restart as the economy recovers.

      • Terry Byrne says:

        What kind of a low life would wreck someone’s fences? Perimeter or interior paddock? Gotta get a human eating dog! : )

  2. Ginny C. says:

    Thanks for the photos of your various livestock broods. Pigs are wonderful animals, and piglets are so cute.

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