New Gosling

Gander, Goose & Gosling

Usually the geese have three or four offspring a year but this time it was just one fluffy cuteness and very vocal.

Outdoors: 76°F/61°F Mostly Sunny, Some Thunder, Some Rain
Tiny Cottage: 63F/666°F

Daily Spark: English makes so much sense…
Mouse… Mice.
Louse… Lice.
Spouse… Spice…
Grouse… Grice…
Goose… Gice…
House… Hice…
Souse… Sice…
Vose… Vice…
Moose… Mice!

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2 Responses to New Gosling

  1. Ginny C. says:

    So precious. And the parents are obviously quite protective of their little treasure. Nature is quite the force to grace us with.

  2. Chas Dart says:

    English makes so much sense…
    plOUGH = plow now = now but know = no.
    cOUGH = koff
    enOUGH = eenuf
    dOUGH = doh (could you use a “doh” to make a duff?)
    thrOUGH = throo
    thorOUGH = thuro / thura
    English is probably the greatest language in the World, I’m just glad I’m a native speaker. Can you imagine trying to learn this sort of stuff?

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