When I Was Five…

Grippy Toes

When I was five years old my mother took me to see the doctor for an annual checkup. The doctor sat me up on the examining table, had me put my hands palms down on my knees and told me to, “Wiggle your toes.

I thought this was a bit odd as I had my shoes on and I didn’t think he could see my toes but I played along, wiggling my toes for him.

Again he said, “Wiggle your toes.

I replied back, “I did.” as I wiggled them again. I wondered what sort of nonsense this was but I was still playing along with his silly game.

No, you didn’t.” He said to me.

Giving him a puzzled look I asked, “Why do you think I didn’t wiggle my toes?

He then told me, “When you wiggle your toes your fingers will move.

Of all the nonsense, I thought to myself. But to him I said, “No, that is not true. I wiggled my toes.” I wiggled them again for emphasis. My fingers continued to stay still. I don’t like incorrectness and he was being strange.

He said, “Your fingers will move when you wiggle your toes. It’s a reflex.

Okaayyy… I thought to myself. I’ll play your game. So I wiggled my fingers for him. As you may be guessing by now, I did not bother wiggling my toes that time. The doctor was happy and we moved on. Such silly people…

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5 Responses to When I Was Five…

  1. SMPh says:

    That’s funny! My fingers don’t move when I wiggle my toes, either . . .

  2. Pitt2500 says:

    I did NOT need to see that!!!
    Thought this was a food/pork blog.

  3. Julia says:

    That was an odd doctor! I’m a pediatrician, and there is no such reflex. Babies can grip with their toes much better than people who’ve spent years in shoes.

    • Me too… I grip, pickup and climb using my toes. Doctors used to believe all sorts of things that they no longer do. My father and mother were doctors. This is one of their favorite topics. For example, it was believed that babies were blind at birth according to my father.

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