Fiber Optics Coming Soon!

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I live beyond the last mile as they call it. My internet, and phone, are spotty. Don’t depend on them too much. There is also no cell service although that will change within the next 14 months.

But we’re here to talk about fiber optic internet – that is to say: speed! And I hope reliability.

The work crews from the local ISPs are stringing optical cable all over the place. I spoke with our provider and was told that they may start providing us with high speed broadband internet within a few more weeks! That’s exciting.

This is all part of the federal government’s rural broadband program to get service out to small communities. Similar to the Rural Electrification that happened back in the mid-1930’s.

Elon Musk’s StarLink is exciting and what I thought I was going to be hooking up right now. But with fiber coming I’m going to wait and see how that works out. The cost is about the same per month but the upfront cost on the Starlink is higher.

By the way, I pay ($114/month) for 5Mbps up speed and 1Mbps down speed but it seems it is rarely actually that good. I just tested again and I’m still getting 322ms ping times with 1.4Mbps down and 0.8Mbps up. Even that is far better than I used to get back before we received aDSL. I just checked the phone line and it sounds completely clear – sometimes it has hisses, pops and clicks – so noise on the line doesn’t seem to be the problem this time.

The FCC has a speed test that reports back to them helping to clarify the picture of what speeds people are dealing with. It is available for both iOS and for Android.

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2 Responses to Fiber Optics Coming Soon!

  1. Ginny C. says:

    Good luck with fiber. Last fall we were promised high speed internet and fiber optics. They came and bulldozed trees, creating huge, empty swaths where lines would go. They were busy for a couple of weeks stringing fiber to every home. We were very excited to finally have high speed everything, and get rid of satellite dishes. But do we have high speed anything now? Nope. We signed up three times, even called once or twice to let them know we were definitely interested in hooking up. We live in a sparsely populated area, and they’re hooking up those living in congested areas first where the “demand is greatest,” not where the demand is needed most. There isn’t even a timeline for the near or distant future for when we can expect to get this service. Hurry up and wait, so we’re still on satellite for TV, DSL for internet, and no cell. Since we’re in our 70s, we’ll probably be dead by the time they get to our area. The technology might be high speed, but getting the service is anything but!

  2. Peter says:

    I will have to find it but there was an article I read recently of a guy who started his own ISP in his community just on the basis of getting “last-mile” fibre to his house (I am relatively sure he was already a network engineer from what I recall). The upshot of course is that he hooked up a lot of his rural neighbors also so they can get better internet. Hmmm, maybe you need to add a datacenter onto the back side of the butcher shop.

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