Soap Saver Holes

My big toe hurts. My dog, Pika, stepped on it several days ago. She is larger than a small horse. Her nails are long and hard. I had shoes on but it did no good.

In Canine stepping on my foot is a sign of affection. It hurts too. At least she loves me.

The picture above is a bar of hotel soap which someone brilliantly made less wasteful by putting holes in it. It is now a beam. Still works just like a regular bar of soap but wastes less. I love seeing good solutions like this.

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Daily Spark: Will today’s gamers not fear death because they have already died so many times and so vividly?

4 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. How does the soap holes waste less soap? We use ours down to the sliver, and then paste in on top of the new bar (wet soap can stick together. It seems to me that as the bar wears down the holes would weaken it, and it would fall into pieces. Can you please explain? I’m missing something here!

  2. In some hotels they have done away with the soap bars and shampoo bottles for the shower, and instead use dispensers mounted on the wall.

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