North Face Full of Snow

Snow on the North Face

Up here, north of the wall, it is still snowing. But the ground is thawed so this snow won’t last and the deep drifts and high snow banks will soon melt too, we hope.

While down south of us people get four feet of frost depth our ground stays unfrozen or perhaps a couple of inches of frost depth. This is due to the early snows that blanket the ground, typically lifted up on the grasses, forages and leaf litter. That insulates our soil so it rarely freezes except for where I plow or the high winds blow off the covers.

The snow storm today has been fairly wind intense so the snow is moving largely horizontally. Thus the white on the north side of the trees in the photo above. It is quite striking. Literally.

The large tree on the left is a butternut, I think, and thirty years ago the town tree warden quite insistently told me to cut it down. The tree is still there and growing. Meanwhile, she, the tree warden, is dead. Life passes. Sometimes unexpectedly. Our conception of proper order is not guaranteed but rather a rose colored glass we try to impose upon the Universe.

Outdoors: 16°F/23°F 2″ so far and still Snowing
Tiny Cottage: 60°F/75°F

Daily Spark: One of our sows once bit the peter of a too frisky young boar. She didn’t quite bite it off but the damage was so bad that I ended up having to amputate it the next day. There is no coming back from that, even if you have the balls.

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