Strawberries End of October

Strawberry in late October

First snow today.
Didn’t stick.
Picked strawberries today.
Well, one. That counts.
From the hanging basket I brought inside.
It wasn’t on the plant when I brought it in.
Not even a flower at that point.
Must be June.

Update 20201103: The hanging basket strawberry plant is in my bathroom where there is a grow light for the houseplants under the brick arch by the shower and bathtub. Apparently the strawberry plant really likes that light because it has burst out into dozens of blooms and many more strawberries are forming. The light is simply a cheap LED grow light strip – looks very magenta/pink – and a daylight LED strip for my own visual comfort. I have had these two strip lights since August of 2017. They do not last for ever or even decades contrary to the claims of LED proponents. About 25% of the LEDs on the strips have died. This still leaves many working but buyer beware. Additionally the waterproof silicone bead that protects the lights has yellowed noticeably with time.

Outdoors: 33°F/31°F Snow 0″, Overcast, Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/64°F

Daily Spark: The most important three words in all languages are: “I love you.”

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1 Response to Strawberries End of October

  1. Hugo van den Berg says:

    The second most important 3 words
    are to me also very very interesting to keep sight of, at all time.

    To apologize first, or to accept the other person won!
    by saying

    I was wrong.
    The relief on the other person, that you accept defeat, creates common ground, to the point where the other persons starts explaining where you were right and…. back to Walter, the other person tells you ‘i love you’. So never win the fight, don’t make it a fight, bow out with ‘I maybe wrong’ or with ‘I was wrong’. In the end, you will reach many goals faster, and keep your friends, delivery guy.

    Number 3 is also worth noting,
    Say to a front desk person, “I have a problem, maybe you can help….”, this avoids you accusing people, and keep the person you are talking to, out of a mode of ‘defending themselves, instead of helping you”.

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