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This post is about a post post, that is to say it’s an old post I’m posting about…

The pictured post was a yellow post when new. You can tell that by the section that was under leaves and thus protected from the UV of the sun. The action of the UV makes posts fragile so they break easily. Winter makes it worse with cold weather making the plastic posts even more fragile. Typically posts last about four to six years if not abused. UV fades blue and yellow posts. Not so noticeable on the white posts. Black posts last the longest because the black pigment blocks UV at the surface.

Outdoors: 46°F/29°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/66°F

Daily Spark: I have two Schrödinger cats. Theoretically. They may exist or they may not. I never see them so there is an element of uncertainty.

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  1. BobA says:

    I’m sure there must be some reason you don’t use steel?

    • I do use steel T-posts and thick rebar drilled into ledge in some places. The plastic posts are inexpensive line posts. Fast to put in for mobile or intermediate temporary fencing with polywire. For permanent fencing I like high tensile steel smooth wire and net. Like on this post. I also use trees, rocks and cedar posts as well. Varies with the situation.

      As an interesting side note: I have had some steel T-posts break. Strange. I did not expect that. Bend, yes, break, not expected. It happens in the winter. It gets cold here with -25°F being common in the winter and sometimes down to -45°F. My suspicion is that the extreme cold makes the metal fragile and then if a pig or the tractor bumps the post they snap. They make very nasty spikes. At least two have punctured the tractor tires. When I am aware this happened I get the broken part out of the ground to avoid more tire punctures. Sometimes though I don’t find them until spring.

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