Butcher Shop Clothing

Hamming it up in Butchery Work Cloths

I had a funny dream last night…

I found seven 40 lb packages of bone-out pork shoulder in the coolers which was good as I need them for sausage this week. I also found two pork carcass sides which was also good as I need more chops.

But that wasn’t the funny part – The USDA inspector showed up wearing only blue swim shorts! Very weird!

I guess it is better than if he had shown up only wearing gloves and a face mask…

So what was I wearing in the dream you ask…? Well, I was wearing my usual butcher shop attire:

Calf High Boots
Long Socks 2x
Black sweat pants
Black sweat shirt
White jacket
Red apron
Cut resistant gloves
Nitrile gloves

Each layer has a function to protect me and to protect the food thus protecting customers.

Outdoors: 36°F/29°F Rain
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/66°F

Daily Spark: There’s a trick to hunting without weapons. Run the animal to the ground. This is how our ancestors hunted. It is effective. It is how our bodies are superior hunting machines compared with other animals who can run faster. It allows us to even hunt animals far larger than ourselves. To do this we run the animal, on foot, in a large circle with several people. Always run slightly to the same side of the animal so it turns in a great circle that we control. Pass the animal off from one person to the next in the run. When the animal gets tired enough I come up beside it, reach under the chest and grab the opposite front leg, pull across under the animal and up flipping the animal on it’s back. It’s exhausted and just lays there. Hog tie it and carry it away. Works. Sometimes I’ve heard vegans and vegetarians excusing their lifestyle choice by saying we are not natural hunters. But we are. We have endurance and intelligence. Our super power is sweating. Meat gave us the extra protein we needed to build bigger, better brains. For those who really want to have challenging sports hunting I suggest doing this with polar bears.

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2 Responses to Butcher Shop Clothing

  1. Larry Porter says:

    when polar bear hunting, consider swim fins in addition to running attire

  2. Ginny says:

    Love your pork! Best tasting pork ever! Just wish we lived closer, like in the same state!

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