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Porchetta Rolled Roast
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Coronavirus, COVID-19 and Social Distancing has halted restaurants and many small businesses. It has also meant a total drop in roaster pig and porchetta roast sales for us as people are not having large gathering dinners, weddings, graduations and other in-person parties.

Alternatively, you could buy one roaster pig for each guest and then each of them can cook theirs in at home and you all can use FaceTime, Skype or Zoom to have a remote party… Lots of left overs!

That is about as much of an April Fools joke as I am going to do this year…

It is with great irony that the upside of the pandemic may be a reduction of man’s contribution to global climate change. Turns out it was not agriculture but rather cars and airplanes that were causing the problem. The air is now cleaner over the Americas, Asia and Europe than in living memory. I’ve always wished that people would focus on the real problem: pollution. The temperature is just a distraction that leads to arguments.

As a side note on staying healthy for those who must go out, some of you who saw me delivering this winter may have noticed I was the masked pork guy… I’ve been wearing a fitted N99 since December when I first started hearing news out of Wuhan. I use it any time I have to go indoors to deliver. The arguments not to wear masks or gloves were totally political and had nothing to do with science. Notice how they’re reversing themselves now. Everyone should be wearing reusable cotton gloves and fitted masks and then heat sterilizing them. It’s easy. Heat kills the virus and lets me reuse my masks and gloves. The gloves I just throw in the hot wash. Have multiple pairs of the gloves. They’re cheap and something I’ve been using around the farm for decades. Additionally, learn to have a clean hand and a dirty hand. Task division. Reduce your touching. Reduces change of gloves. I do this because I’m prone to pneumonia but I might save someone else’s life too by not spreading. Flatten the curve.

Outdoors: 33°F/14°F Sunny, 3″ snow a couple days ago and 10″ before that mostly melted now.
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/65°F

Daily Spark: In these difficult times I want you all to remember one word: Bacon

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3 Responses to Eating Online – Remote Parties

  1. Ginny says:

    It’s nice to read the thoughts of someone with a same, and similar mind. We’ve had N99 masks and other protective gear ever since the ebola scare several years ago. Always wear nitrile gloves and a respirator to clean the chicken coops, and both are washable in hot water. Have indirect air goggles because we do woodworking and use stains and finishes. Who thought we’d be wearing this stuff to go shopping, and have been wearing this gear stuff, and like you, were the only ones being proactive since December when a whisper of a “mysterious virus” came out of China. Always buy in bulk because we live so remotely, and are self sufficient if there’s no grid. Sorry your business is down, but maybe that means more “take out” deliveries.

  2. Peter says:

    Given the recent stories of COVID outbreaks at various processing plants in the Midwest, it does make we wish (again) that those of us farther afield of your area, that enjoy your blog and support your efforts any-which-way, could order some remote deliveries. (I could go for some baby-backs and Italian sausage myself). :-)

    • I do ship. Shipping is expensive. About $1 to $4 per pound with 20 to 40 lbs per box. To ship, especially in the summer, I have to make insulated boxes – double boxes actually. I freeze the inner box in the SoLow to -121°F and then place it in the outer box and ship it, typically FedEx 3 day or home delivery. The bigger the box the more efficient the shipping, that is to say the lower the cost per pound.

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