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Face Masks Found

I use masks when doing construction work to handle the concrete and wood dust, poly, etc. Annie of the local Fast Squad put out a message that they were short on masks so I looked in my workshop and found I had a whole new box on the shelf which I sent to her.

When I go out on deliveries I use a custom fitted N99 reusable mask and cotton gloves. Despite the statements that were in the media from the government, these precautions are important and make a difference. The gloves can be turned inside out when returning to the vehicle. Then they can be thrown in the wash to be cleaned and sanitized for reuse. Cotton gloves are idea, better than plastic, latex or nitrile for most situations with the pandemic. The masks can also be sanitized by heating. The coronavirus is lipids and protein which are unstable with heat and soap. Simple ways to reuse.

Fancy masks are not even required. If you have nothing else, use a scarf in multiple layers. The COVID-19 is carried on droplets of water through the air. The droplets are large, relative to fabrics, and easily trapped. Simple at home on-demand protection. Make do.

Why did the Fast Squad need masks? Apparently supplies do not filter easily down even within government who has them to where they may be needed. Check your garage, workshop and closets to see if you might have masks and other supplies that are needed by first responders and health workers. It will make a difference for someone and perhaps from there to many someones.

Push down the curve.

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5 Responses to Masked Crusader

  1. Jessica says:

    hay! you still have snow?????????

    • Ah, yes. In fact, we got ten more inches of snow this week. But, it is a low snow year, no more than 18″ of compressed snow at any time and probably only a total snow fall of about four feet. Compare that with a normal year which is about 14′ of snow fall that compresses to 4′ leaving fences buried. This year all the fences are easily visible.

  2. George Almeida says:

    Thanks for the tip.


  3. Tanya Van Kirk says:

    Hi. I really enjoyed reading your blog at 3am to distract from all of the baby crying happening. I actually have 3yr old triplets, they are not babies. It does makes me feel better about being stuck in what seems like a newborn phase GroundHog Day.
    It’s now, 4:10 and everyone is back asleep after multiple “there are no monsters, I looked” visits and I am still reading. I may not like you in two hours when everyone BUT me is bright and chipper like Sunday morning but for now, this is self-care.

    Can you link to your cotton gloves on Amazon?

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