Special Days

Flat Land in Vermont

If you add up the first seven digits of today they equal the eighth digit, eight: 20200228

Groundhog day was a special number too this year, lots of twos as a palindrome: 20200202

Special numbers are fun.

The photo is oriented straight per the trees, which grow straight. The land looks very sloped. But when I’m out there I don’t feel it. That area feels flat and level to me. My brother pointed that my land is much steeper than it looks in the photos on my blog. I have a tendency to level the camera to the land. I hadn’t realized I was doing it. Looking at the fluid level in the white whey tank by the brown van I can see that indeed, I’m a bit off kilter and that tank is quite sloped. So now I’m trying to actually hold the camera level to reality and not Hillbilly level.

This brings up the topic of pigs selected for left legs longer than the right leg so they can negotiate the mountainous terrain… Means they only rotate one way. :)

Outdoors: 30°F/21°F 2″ Snow of and on
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/60°F

Daily Spark: It’s rather odd that seven has even in it.

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