Revealing Twists

I was asked to share this joke somewhere else. If you were there, I kind of gave it away before the joke so forget what I said to begin with… For those who didn’t hear it that will be easy. For those with short memories or Alzheimer’s, you have an advantage on the rest of us…

So, there’s these two drunks in a bar at the top of a very tall building. The night is getting late and they’re getting on, and over, their limit.

One drunk turns to the other and says, “Ya kno… th’wind tween theeese skyscrapers is sooo strong that if yo jump out the window it will catch yo and yo won’t hit de ground.”

The other drunk looks at him, looks at the window and says, “Nawww… Thaz r’diculus. Yor drunk…!”

The first drunk insists, “Itz tru! Here, I’ll shoow you!” And he leaps out the window plummeting 57 floors towards the concrete sidewalk and then at the last minute is lifted back up and into the window.

“WOW!” says the second drunk, “I gotta try that!” He jumps out of the window and he too plummets down, down, downward towards the concrete sidewalk, 56, 57, 58 stories … splat!

“You know,” says the barman, “you’re a mean drunk, Superman.”

This is an interesting joke because it involves three simultaneous twists.

One drunk lives, one dies – splat!

It is revealed why one drunk lived because the survivor is Superman which one would not expect to be a drunk so a character from an unexpected source is injected into the story.

And lastly, it reveals a totally unexpected dark side to Superman who is normally a benevolent character using his superhero powers for good.

Jokes tend to rely on this sort of tourne-la-tete, surprise twist. Bringing three together is extra revealing. In this case I think it talks a lot about our cynicism that where there is good there must be some dark side, some human foible that prays even on the greatest…

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2 Responses to Revealing Twists

  1. Julia says:

    OK, that’s a really funny joke.

    Dark, but funny. Or maybe I’ve just had a rough day so dark jokes seem right.

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