Shipping Kickstarters Again!

Pork heading to Louisiana

In the spring I had a problem with some packages of meat getting to warm when they had not been delivered as fast as the mail and FedEx claimed they would be delivered. Especially problematic with the warm weather in southern states. So I stopped shipping to wait until the cold set in again.

Now that is wintery again I started shipping Kickstarter packages this week to the hotter states. I am contacting people to double check addresses and schedules as I get to them on the list.

Thank you everyone for all your patience and support! It has been a long haul.


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Daily Spark: Real meat doesn’t have to pretend to be something else. Real meat is real good and not manufactured in factories from long lists of ingredients you don’t even want to feed to your dog.

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2 Responses to Shipping Kickstarters Again!

  1. Emily Springfield says:

    Will you be shipping to Michigan soon?

    • Yes, my goal is this winter to get all the packages shipped now that we have USDA inspection and it is cold once again. I had been planning to be shipping every week but FedEx has recently warned that packages sent around the holidays are likely to get delays. So now I’m thinking I should instead just focus on getting the boxes made up and then ship in January once the shipping panic calms down post-Christmas.

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