Fowl Shot

Three Fowl Friends

Three ducks – assuming majority rules. Or maybe this is a trans-speces gander who identifies as a drake – a male duck. The geese run in pairs and this gander didn’t end up with a goose mate so he has spent the past six months hanging out with the lady ducks who don’t have a drake. They seem happy together so who’s to judge…

We just got a nice creamy load of milk for the pigs. They were excited. Receiving it after dark is always extra interesting. It was snowing too which added to the fun.

Today I made dry rub maple bacon as well as some whole boneless shoulders for restaurants to make into pulled pork.

Outdoors: 34°F/28°F Sunny, Cloudy, Windy, Snowy
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/62°F

Daily Spark: What vegan’s don’t realize is that nut milk doesn’t come from cows, it comes from bulls.

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