High Hanging Fruit

Apples in Late Fall

The pears have all fallen, feeding piglets who can creep in to where the fruit are on the ground are between fences. The apples are falling too, but more slowly. Fall food for the smaller animals.

Outdoors: 39°F/27°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/59°F

Daily Spark: Some politicians have come out saying that there is no place for coal in their future political plans. We NEED coal! What is Santa going to give bad people if we don’t have coal for their stockings?

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3 Responses to High Hanging Fruit

  1. Peter says:

    We do have a similar think where the persimmon tree that is just on the other side of the property line between me and the neighbor (it’s on their side) only has the fruit left right at the top, after the picked off everything a couple weeks ago. Not a dwarf variety or rootstock, obviously.

    I hate to say this but I am waiting for it to fall down so I can maybe plant some espaliered apple trees right there to replace the falling-down fence that is there. Given that it is leaning at about a 20% angle maybe a good snow this year will take it out.

    That may sound mean but this neighbor is a kosher assisted living facility (allowed in my zoning) so everyone benefits IMHO.

    And RE: the speak, Santa can certain substitute many items for coal quite easily! (10 tons of microplastics, depleted uranium, transuranic waste from Hanford, granite cutoffs from Barre, etc etc. :-D ).

  2. Melissa Meryweather says:

    A quick update and a thank you.

    Since starting to read your blog some years ago now, Ive been looking for how to boost production for mainly our use, and maybe sales. Taken a couple years to clear trees for an orchard. Lost a surprizing number of full sized oaks to gypsy moth catapillers after back to back years of raining catapiller pellets. Fortunately far more remain. Learning to garden AND produce enough to give away to those in need. Learning to lean on marigolds and other companion plants. Tried a potato patch and two long rows of squash— both left to fend for themselves , and survived the sheep thinking green meant “yummies”. ,lol. Sheep dont eat potato leaves, nor squash leaves.

    Planted an orchard and now find deer a pest, lol.

    Ripped apart woodstove and learned how to replace gaskets, and repair in general. Dragged my boys into the adventure, too.

    Always something more to learn.

    I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your inspiring blog.


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