Delivery Delay

A quick note to everyone who buys our Sugar Mountain Farm pork at local stores here in Vermont & New Hampshire:

We had a delivery delay this week and are delivering on Monday of next week. Stores typically put the product out the evening of or day after we deliver so that means you’ll be seeing it on store shelves by Tuesday, August 27th.

Next week on Thursday and Friday (8/29 & 8/30) we’ll be back to our regular delivery schedule.

There is still time to order roaster pigs for September and October events. For details see on the Roaster Page.

You can also get whole pigs, half pigs, quarter pigs and CSA boxes as one time and multi-box orders to fit your schedule year round. See details on the Order Page.

Pickup at the farm, delivery along our weekly route and shipping nationwide are available.

Have a great weekend and enjoy this wonderful weather!

-Walter Jeffries
at Sugar Mountain Farm

Found on the Internet:
Try this:
1) Google Wizard of Oz
2) click on the red slippers (on the right)
3) then click on the tornado!
Let me know if it worked for you!

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