How to Cook a Planet with Encryption

On Jul 18, 2019, at 6:02 PM, Dawn C. wrote:

Why does your website warn me about an invalid security certificate when I go to your website?
Dawn Carroll

It’s not my website doing the warning but rather your browser.

The powers that be want everyone to switch from HTTP to HTTPS which uses encryption. That wastes a little more electricity every time you browse a web site causing the overall temperature of the planet to rise because your computer’s CPU and the web server CPU both must encrypt and decrypt the messages.

Any single instance of this is insignificant. But here is where it gets interesting… Hundreds of trillions of HTTPS connections a day should cause a 6.7°C rise in worldwide temperatures by the year 2050 completely offsetting all efforts to reduce global warming.

Of course, it is not a conspiracy, it is just idiocy on the part of the powers that be (Google, etc). Web sites like mine do not need security certificates or encryption. Forcing it down our throats just wastes CRU.



Don’t ask me where I get these numbers. Sometimes, just for the hell of it, and to offset all the good science I offer, I just make up a number. Scary part is that when I do that I’m usually right.

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