Little Bird Magic

Little bird, little bird…

When I came in the house after work this evening I heard a soft sound, almost like water dripping. I finally found it, there was a little bird up in the cottage front loft trying to fly out the window and beating it’s wings against the screen. I think it was a young sparrow. I gently caught it and carried it down the ladder and then outdoors.

Then I did a magic trick for the dogs who were watching me carefully… I showed them my empty hands signing “all-gone / empty / nothing” and then gently flung my hands up and away from me… Presto! A bird appeared out of nowhere and flew away. The dogs thought that was very funny!​ They can be quite easily amused and are a great audience.

The dogs open and close the doors to go in and out of the cottage and I think that occasionally a bird follows them in. This has happened before. The birds tend to go to the light which makes them easier to catch and release back into the sky where they belong.

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4 Responses to Little Bird Magic

  1. jasmine janeson says:

    theres soemthing that you are skipping over if i am imagining the situation right

    i know you teach your dogs sign language and they use it to

    so you told them the bird was all gone and that your hands were empty

    so i am imagining them looking at you in disbelief like wheres the bird gone!!!?????

    and then you made it magically reappear

    this cracked me up thinking about what whas happening

    it also may be showing an intresting level of understanding in the dogs comparible to children

    i imagine them sitting around like at a birthday party with a magicitian

    very funny!!!!!

  2. Bob says:

    I don’t know why but when I tried to view this blog by following the weblink in the email my companies security software went nuts and told me there was something suspicious about the site. I then navigated manually to the site and had no problem. I wonder if our IT’s security rules are a little trigger happy? Don’t know if I can give you any more information as the error message is vague.

    • Your company is probably starting to require encrypted HTTPS protocals and my web site uses the standard non-encrypted HTTP protocols. There is no need for encrypting data like I have. There is no security risk. Running encryption wastes CPU time and power causing global warming to inch up. Multiply that times a hundred million servers and ten billion connections and you’re starting to talk about real issues of wasted energy.

  3. Nance says:

    I’ve been away. Missed your posts. I always learn something. Thanks

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