SMF Bacon on a Stick by Berdas at Champlain Valley Fair

Berda’s at the Fair

Each week we supply Berda’s Restaurant (on Facebook) in Essex Center, Vermont with our famous uncured dry rub maple bacon which we make with real Vermont maple syrup and Berda’s features in many of their delicious dishes. Very tasty!

Sugar Mountain Farm Bacon on a Berda’s Stick at the Fair

This year Berda’s has secured the “Bacon-on-a-Stick” vendor spot at the Champlain Valley Fair using 450 lbs of our delicious bacon which they bake, fry and then dip in a glaze of more maple syrup.

Berda’s Jedi Apprentice Cooking Bacon-on-a-Stick

If you’re in, or near, Vermont be sure to go to the fair which runs August 24th through September 2nd and sample our delicious bacon per Berda’s!

Bacon Ready to Deliver to Berda’s at the Fair

Four hundred and fifty pounds of bacon is a lot of bacon! It is enough to fill three 120 quart coolers. We delivered to the Berda’s Restaurant in Essex Center and completely filled their refrigerator.

Banner with Quick Response Code (QR Code) blurred out†

While you’re at the fair enjoying the exhibits, rides and bacon-on-a-stick, use your phone to scan the Quick-Response-Code on the banner above Berda’s booth to get to our web site survey where you can have a chance to win one of ten of our delicious sampler boxes of pork!
You’ve got to actually go to the fair and visit the Berda’s booth (no purchase necessary) to do this game! If you don’t have a camera phone or iPodTouch that can do QRCodes then write down the URL above the QRCode and go to it with your browser to enter for a chance to win.

On a side note related to pigs, in the livestock tent there was a very overweight sow with three piglets. She seriously needs to lose weight. Hay would be good. Fresh greens would do her well as she’s getting too many calories. A good way to lower her weight is to feed her something high in fiber to produce gut fill, a sense of fullness. Hay or pasture is ideal fed prior to feeding her hog feed as the latter is high in calories, which she does not need. Research has shown that gut filling helps improve sow performance. She also needs a toy, or two. Someone, please, tell them she’s bored.

Champlain Valley Fair at Night

Outdoors: 49°F/72°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/69°F

Daily Spark: I’ve noticed that the passenger seat travels faster than the drivers seat…

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14 Responses to SMF Bacon on a Stick by Berdas at Champlain Valley Fair

  1. Terry says:

    Hi Walter.

    Clicking on the link to “Weighing a Pig” takes me to the page

    SMF Bacon on a Stick by Berdas at Champlain Valley Fair

    I even tried “Open in a New Tab” and it took me to the same page.

  2. Tim says:

    I think “Fresh greeds would do her well as she’s getting too many calories.” should be “Fresh greens…”

  3. Tim says:

    Also, “Hay or pasture is idea fed..” I read “ideally fed” or “ideal feed”. I got the meaning. Keep up the good work.

  4. Natacha says:

    Hello, the link mentioned above is still redirecting to ‘Bacon on a stick’. :(

  5. Andy says:

    Last paragraph second line, Fresh greeds ? shouldn’t it be fresh greens ?

  6. Ryan DeVries says:

    Walter, “fresh greeds” do you mean “fresh greens”?

  7. Peter says:

    Is it snowing yet in Vermont? :-)

    We had our first 2″ here in Montgomery County, Maryland. Of course the schools were closed too!! (Not that I blame them, most people do not realize that the northern part of the county is still pretty rural and considering the crummy state of the roads today, probably for the best)

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