Demo & Porchetta Tasting – Village Market – Waterbury, VT

Today from 11am to 4pm we are doing a demo and tasting of our new porchetta pork rolls at Village Market in Waterbury, VT (map). Come check it out!

Outdoors: 24°F/11°F 13″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 57°F/54°F

Daily Spark: Did you hear that two rabbits escaped from the zoo. So far they have only recaptured 116 of them? -Anon

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6 Responses to Demo & Porchetta Tasting – Village Market – Waterbury, VT

  1. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Merry Christmas, Jeffrieses.

  2. katie kelley says:

    oh my – mouth watering here in Illinois
    Merry Christmas Walter and all you pig lovers of all kinds
    Thanks for your generosity Walter in sharing your journey with us all so we can learn and grow our pigs better and better.

  3. Pittman Haymore says:

    THAT looks delicious!!!
    Really enjoy your posts.
    You’ve been kinda quiet lately.

  4. Len Ovens says:

    It has been a while since I dropped by. It looks like things are going well and your children (who seem to be all grown up) look well too. Congratulations on the paperwork and licensing. We bought half a pig locally here (Vancouver Island) that was garden grown. It has been very tasty… certainly nicer than the supermarket.

    Take care.

  5. Rox says:

    That looks DELICIOUS!

  6. Rox says:

    Great photograph, good shadows.

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