Wolfish Savoring


There is the interesting phrase “wolfing your food down” which is quite appropriate. Wolves gulp their food down in huge chunks and are able to swallow even a whole large chicken in one amazing bite. A totally “National Geographic” moment to witness. Especially when they spit it up an hour later for their pups. I think that they wolf down their food because under hunt and pack devour conditions they must eat fast or someone else might take the food. Also they often carry food back to their nursing mate or pups in their belly.
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Internet Downed by Pig Attack

Phone Cable Splicing

As you may well be aware, hackers have been interrupting the UK and USA internet a fair bit over the past month causing massive outages. Well, as I was out in the fields hauling newly delivered winter hay up to the south plateau we hand another attack on our national information and communications infrastructure…
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Bald Eagle Supervising Sunchoke Planting

Lady with Her Eggs

We’ve been road building to gain access to fields off of our main whey driveway that runs up past the butcher shop to the high whey tanks and cottage. This involves putting in terraces along the mountain. Part of that is cutting into the mountain on the up hill side. Part of that is moving rock to the down hill side. A lot of that rock is waste granite and marble available for the cost of transportation from the local granite carving stone sheds just down the road in Barre, Vermont. This provides a very solid embankment and base for the road.
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